The heat generated by the radio frequency from shallow to deep stimulates tissue collagen proliferation to tighten the skin and quickly improve the relaxation problem.
1. With the advanced intelligent impedance measurement system, the energy is accurately and accurately transmitted to the bottom of the skin, which greatly improves the safety and effect.
2. Multipolar radio waves emit energy at the same time, and the heat energy is concentrated and uniformly heated to the specified depth of the dermis layer. The temperature of the muscle base can reach 52-55°C to effectively activate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen.
3. Start the skin regeneration mechanism from shallow to deep, and at the same time temperature control the epidermal temperature to 40-42℃.
4. Improve skin comfort, avoid skin discomfort and pain caused by overheating, and make up for the shortcomings of traditional unipolar and bipolar radio waves.
Principle of Radio Wave Lifting
1. Before treatment:
The collagen fibers are arranged irregularly and loosely, and the skin is loose and wrinkled.
2. During treatment:
Collagen fibers are immediately contracted by heat.
3. After treatment (immediately):
After collagen fibers are damaged by heat, new collagen is triggered
Proliferation of protein, rearrangement of collagen fibers.
4. After treatment (several weeks):
New collagen is formed, skin becomes firmer and wrinkles improve
Not limited to skin color, moderate loose skin, wrinkles or wrinkles can be used, face (eye area, full face, jaw line, chin, neck), body parts: arms (butterfly sleeves), back of hands (back of hands + Fingers), abdomen (stretch marks), waist, buttocks (obesity marks), thighs (orange peel), belly fat reduction
Care and precautions after treatment:
Please avoid sun exposure for two days after surgery
Please strengthen sun protection, with a coefficient of SPF30 or higher, and often refill
Please strengthen moisturizing
Supplement more water to help fat metabolism
Please adjust your daily routine and avoid overeating
If you have any questions, please go back to the clinic and discuss with the doctor
Slight redness and swelling after the treatment area is normal
It will subside in about 1 hour, no need for ice or cold compress
Apply moisturizing and sunscreen, you can go home without discomfort
Those with abnormal connective or muscle tissue function, those who wear a heart rhythm regulator, those who have metal implants in the treatment area, those with heart disease and hypertension, those with liver and kidney disease, those with abnormal blood coagulation, those with diabetes, those with epilepsy, pregnant or breastfeeding , Permanent implants, acne caused by vinasse, cancer patients