Anti-aging therapy can include the use of anti-aging diet strategies, anti-aging hormones, or cosmetic skin treatments. Anti-aging diet strategies may include the intake of certain types of food and drinks while avoiding or limiting the intake of others. Anti-Aging Hormone Treatment are treatments where hormones are used or prescribed to help with the slowing down of the aging process. A popular anti-aging hormone is the human growth hormone. Some cosmetic skin treatments that are focused on anti-aging qualities can include injection fillers or Botox.

Anti-aging now has a number of quite different common meanings and connotations, each of which is championed by a particular group or loose coalition of interests. Advocates for these groups have a way of diving into the fray without defining their terms, and this tends to make reading about the surrounding debates somewhat confusing for a newcomer.

In the scientific community anti-aging research refers exclusively to slowing, preventing, or reversing the aging process. While the future is looking very promising, there is presently no proven and available medical technology that slows or reverses aging in humans. (Although the jury is still out on the practice of calorie restriction and regular exercise). Nor is there any currently available method short of waiting for people to die to accurately measure the effects of an alleged anti-aging therapy.

In the medical and reputable business community, anti-aging medicine means the early detection, prevention, and treatment of age-related diseases. This is quite different from tackling the aging process itself, and a wide array of strategies and therapies are currently available.

Modern theories of aging are generally looked at in two theoretical ways; the damage theories and programmed theories. The Damage Theories primarily looks at the damage that our cells incur over time. This looks at Extrinsic aging which is the aging process compounded by externally caused factors. The Programmed Theories are primarily concerned with the genetics of how long and how efficient our cells can maintain optimum health. This looks at Intrinsic aging which is aging due to the rate of passing time.

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