Many people have long-term dry and chapped lips, especially in winter, not only dry and peeling, but even bleeding, which seriously affects the appearance, and it is quite difficult to apply makeup. According to Dr. Gerry T. J. Chen from la-visage Plastic Surgery Clinic, this symptom is a typical “simple cheilitis”. Many people think it is caused by a lack of vitamin B. However, habitual licking of lips is more likely to cause chapped lips; if it is severe enough to bleed, it should be combined Medication is better.

If you want to improve chapped lips, what should you pay attention to?

1. Avoid licking your lips
Many people habitually lick and purs their lips, which will make their lips dry. To improve dry lips, you should get rid of the habit of licking your lips.

2. Apply lip balm frequently
Use a high-greasy lip cream to apply on your lips at any time. Mild dry lips can be improved.

3. With medication
If the lips are chapped to the point where there is no normal lines, pain, or bleeding, they must be treated with medication. However, the application of the drug must be equally important to the moisturizing of the lips, and the application of ointment alone cannot restore the original oily texture of the lips.
Graphic creation: talkative
Expert consultation: Dr. Gerry T. J. Chen, Director of la-visage Plastic Surgery Clinic