Recently, the top model Lin Zhi-ling can be said to have the most envied face of every woman, and it is also the model that plastic surgeons rated as the best face ratio. However, as Orientals, do we always feel that our face is too strong? Water chestnuts? Or think that the flesh of the cheeks is as thick and ugly as formalin? Then, you might consider doing “face sculpture”. Chen Zi-jin, director of la-visage Plastic Surgery Center, said that the so-called “face sculpture” is actually a face sculpture technique that combines bone removal surgery and fat sculpture. Before the operation, according to the individual situation and the golden ratio, tailor the face with perfect proportion.
It is worth mentioning that, compared with traditional bone cutting, the Korean style bone cutting, which has become more and more popular in recent years, can perfectly sculpt the curve of the jaw. Dr. Chen Zi-jin explained that this is because the bones that can be lost in traditional facial bone sculpting surgery are limited, so most people can only grind “big angles” into “small angles” after surgery, and it cannot effectively improve the problem of Chinese characters. As for the Korean-style bone reduction surgery, a special saw is used to cut off a layer of the bone, and then the bone is moved and fixed inward. Although the operation is more complicated, the appearance is more natural and the degree of improvement is more obvious. In addition, surgery is usually accessed through an incision in the oral gums, so there is no need to worry about scars.