Double eyelid surgery is the most commonly performed plastic surgery item for young girls. Among them, in addition to the traditional open and suture surgical methods, in recent years, influenced by the Korean Wave, a new Korean eye sculpture technique has gradually become popular in China. What is the difference between Korean eye sculptures and traditional surgical methods? In this regard, Chen Zijin, the director of Caixin Plastic Surgery Center, explained that this must start from the constitution of the country. He explained that the eyelid tissue of Taiwanese is thicker, more oily, and more foamy, so double eyelid surgery is inherently more complicated. Although the traditional open surgery method is effective, it has problems such as scars and long postoperative swelling. , While suture surgery does not have this problem, but there is also the hidden worry of sutures being absorbed.

As for the Korean-style eye sculpting, that is, the Korean-style double eyelid surgery, because there are only 3 small 0.2 cm discontinuous wounds, it can shorten the recovery period while still maintaining a 100% success rate. In addition, if the eyelids are more oily and foamy, small wounds can be used for local liposuction to remove excess eyelid fat during the operation; people with smaller eyes can also cut a little eye tip or tail during the operation, or even Use stitching techniques to raise the end of the eyes and make the eyes look bigger.
Regarding the current phenomenon of Korean plastic surgery, Dean Chen Zijin said that in fact, the doctors do not blindly praise Korean technology, but take the advantages of Korean plastic surgery and improve it into a technology that is truly suitable for Chinese people. In addition, many people are often worried about the results of the surgery before the operation. This can be improved by using a computer to simulate the comparison before and after the plastic surgery. Although the computer simulation is a plan view, the reference is still quite high.