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A few days ago, Wen Lan, who posted a video, was accused by sharp-eyed netizens that she looked more and more like Xiao Yaxuan. Not only did she have a sharp face, her eyes were elongated, her nose became narrow and tall, and her mountain roots were high. Wen Lan generously admitted that her eyes were originally one big and one small, so they were stitched into the same size for surgery. Regarding being said to be more and more similar to other artists, Wen Lan believes that “heroes see the same.”
Indeed, big eyes, high mountain root nose, small and cute nose, round cheeks, and pointed chin are generally recognized as necessary conditions for a good-looking face. In fact, there is a certain proportion of good-looking faces. According to Dr. Gerry T. J. Chen, the director of la-visage Plastic Surgery Center, the vertical length is from the hairline to the eyebrows, the eyebrows to the middle, and the middle to the chin. The length is 1 to 1, and the horizontal length of the eyes, the distance between the eye head and the width of the nose are each accounted for. One-fifth of the width of the face, the most beautiful visually, can be called the golden ratio of perfect face shape.
However, the facial features of Orientals are generally flat and lack three-dimensionality. Many people have been jokingly called “meatloaf faces.” In the past, those who love beauty wanted to be beautiful, they often had to cut their bones to change. But bone-cutting is an invasive surgery, which requires general anesthesia before the operation, which has certain risks. Although the postoperative effect is permanent, it will leave wounds and pain. , It takes a long time to recover. It is only necessary if the length of the face must be significantly shortened after the doctor’s assessment.
Dr. Gerry T. J. Chen said that for absolute length adjustments such as bone removal surgery, non-invasive micro-surgery can also be used to assist with relative ratio adjustments to achieve similar results. In addition, there are no wounds for micro plastic surgery, the recovery period is very short, the effect can be seen soon after the operation, and the satisfaction after the operation is generally improved.
Like ordinary people’s most distressed meatloaf face, you can widen the head and tail of the eye, enlarge the eye with double eyelid surgery, or increase the bridge of the nose, fill the sunken face or botox injection to make your cheeks look more coordinated. With lip line modification, you don’t need to cut bones with a knife, and you can instantly make your face three-dimensional. Coupled with the smoothing of fine lines, the elimination of tear grooves under the eyes, and fine sculptures such as apple muscles, the whole face will be completely new.
However, many people love beauty and often require doctors to perform multiple treatments at once, hoping to look good immediately. Dr. Gerry T. J. Chen, the dean of la-visage Plastic Surgery Center, reminded that if the face shape changes too much at one time, it is easy to cause psychological pressure. After all the treatments, it takes a certain period of time to observe and adapt to ensure that the effect is as expected. Brings a great burden to the body.

Therefore, if you want to make face sculptures, you must find a qualified plastic surgeon, and you must communicate and discuss with the doctor in detail before the operation, follow professional suggestions or use computer simulation assistance to clarify your actual needs, and fully understand the difference in surgical effects and surgical procedures. How to carry out post-maintenance.
Physician Zheng Guangnan from the Department of Psychology and Psychology also reminded the public not to be emotionally impulsive due to loss of love and unemployment, regardless of financial ability, and want to use plastic surgery to change the status quo. If you have scars, coagulopathy, or colds, you must notify your doctor in advance to be included in the assessment, in order to ensure that you have a perfect face and a healthy body, and enjoy a fulfilling life.