Three kinds of long-pulse laser light waves (1064nm, 755nm, 532nm) can treat uneven skin tone, improve pigmented lesions, and heat and tighten the dermal muscle bottom in a single course of treatment.
Rejuvenation, firmness, dullness, acne, hair removal, vascular disease, red/blue microvascular hyperplasia, onychomycosis, hair removal, melanin, pigmentation, pigmentation, skin cleansing and whitening, vascular disease, redness, vascular proliferation , Vascular lake, melanin
Contraindications for treatment:
1. Those who are pregnant.
2. People with severe skin diseases.
3. People who take light-sensitive drugs or who are sensitive to light.
4. Patients with immune disorders (such as lupus erythematosus, etc.).
before therapy:
1. 1 week before surgery: prohibit over-exposure, face massage. It is necessary to stop using fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid products and exfoliating care.
2. Patients who have been allergic to local anesthetics or topical ointments should inform their doctors before surgery.
3. Do not pluck the hair and cause the treatment to be ineffective.
4. For dermatitis or dry, itchy and rough skin, treatment should be avoided temporarily.
5. During hair removal treatment, the hair on the treated area should be shaved 3 days before.
After treatment:
1. There will be slight itching or slight swelling in the treatment part. This is a normal reaction of new epidermis and dry skin. Please strengthen moisturizing.
2. Do not overexpose within 1 week after surgery, strengthen moisturizing and sun protection (above SPF30).
3. After the operation, some spots will form superficial scabs due to superficial treatment, which will fall off on their own in 3-7 days, please do not remove them.
4. Warm water cleans well.
5. If there are blackhead hair roots in the affected area after hair removal treatment, they will fall off after about 1 week.
6. You can use postoperative moisturizing products for maintenance to reduce redness or pain.
7. Avoid behaviors that may cause infection or skin irritation, such as: doing face, exfoliating, applying sub-basic skin care products, soaking in hot springs, etc.