Transgender, what do you think of when you see this name? Metamorphosis, neurosis or homosexuality? In fact, these are all wrong ideas. Whether it is a female changing to a male or a male changing to a female, it is because of genetic mutations that make them have the wrong sex. According to research, the incidence of this kind of’gender dysphoric syndrome’ is as high as 1,000 One part, if you count Taiwan’s population of 23 million, there are at least 23,000 people! And the biggest difference between transgender people and homosexuals is that they cannot accept their physical gender. It is ‘God made a big joke and put their soul in the wrong body’.

The earliest treatment of transgender people was done by psychiatrists, but with the help of plastic surgery, these transgender people can truly put their body and future into the hands of the doctor. But on the other hand, because plastic surgeons participate in the most private human gender change process, they also act as the spiritual pillar of transgender people and a full range of family physicians. After half a year of tracking, we went straight to the entire sex change process, hoping to unveil the mystery of sex change surgery.

The operating room is a space of less than eight square meters. The medical staff was busy in and out the night before, preparing equipment and surgical supplies. The patient was also prepared for admission on the same day. The doctor will pay special attention to the patient’s emotional changes; but the patient’s hands and feet are still Will I tremble, my voice becomes hoarse, and it is obvious that my emotions are still tight.

Because of the long operation time, preparations were made early in the morning; the patient received general anesthesia first. When the doctor made the first cut, my heartbeat seemed to pause. I took a deep breath to prepare myself and watched the doctor support my vagina. Open, use the endoscope to prepare for ovarian and hysterectomy.

This is the first stage of sex reassignment surgery. I witnessed it with my own eyes. Even if I was prepared, I still couldn’t stop the impact. Especially when the blood kept pouring and the doctor carefully divided the tissue, I couldn’t bear to close my eyes. When I saw the doctor put the tissue with my own eyes When I took it out, I felt as if I was in a human slaughterhouse, and my whole thoughts were instantly frozen. It was not until the doctor started to explain to me that I returned to reality.

In addition to the bloody scene, the doctor must carefully cut a few important parts to keep them for organ reconstruction; I can only say that this is really amazing, who would have thought that the vaginal mucosa can be made into the urethra, and the useless fibula can be To make an artificial penis, especially when the doctor transplants the artificial urethra to the artificial penis part reserved for the calf, he has to admire the infinite possibilities of medicine.

In the second stage, because there are many reconstruction parts, at least three doctors are present. Because the penis, scrotum, urethra and other organs are all made out of nothing, every time the doctor completes a part, it will make people more and more look forward to the appearance after the operation is completed. Moreover, in order to make the organ feel, microsurgery must be used. Both blood vessels and nerves must be sutured carefully. As long as a mistake, the tissue may not survive and cause the operation to fail.

After the entire operation is completed, although it is not as detailed as the real one, it has a general appearance. After three weeks, the last shaping, which is the glans part, is performed. When you see an unusually large artificial penis that is more than fifteen cm in diameter, it is almost I can’t believe why it’s done like this. Then I know that transgender people can’t escape the myth of “big is good”, but the bigger the burden, the heavier it is (because the artificial penis is in an erect state), it will appear quite unnatural .

It was Fang Ronghuang, the vice-president of Luodong Pok Oi Hospital who pushed Taiwan’s sex reassignment surgery to the world stage. Since 1987, he has helped more than 200 transgender people perform operations; “Thailand’s excellent male-to-female surgery is well-known in the world, but relatively There are very few women who are difficult to turn into men, because they must start from nothing, and because of the wide range and scope, fewer people are interested. ’

Fang Ronghuang pointed out that it is very simple to change from a male to a female. It is enough to “make a tunnel” after cutting off the male genitals to rebuild the vagina; but to change from a female to male, you must have enough experience and skills to rebuild and even feel. , Taiwan’s microsurgery can be applied to it.

Chen Zijin, a special attending physician at Taipei Ronghuang Plastic Surgery, who undertook Fang Ronghuang, explained that Fang Ronghuang’s original “vaginal mucosal reconstruction of the urethra” and “forearm flap and belly reconstruction of the artificial penis” are the targets for other countries to imitate, because they not only reduce the arm skin supply Regional scarring and functional problems, the reconstructed urethra conforms to the physiology and practicality, and the nerves and sensations are reconstructed. There are fewer problems, so Taiwan female-to-male surgery is well-known in the world. However, at present, because scars on the arms are considered to be a characteristic of transgender people, patients often specify the artificial penis reconstruction with the calf fibula.

Dr. Chen Zijin emphasized that the most important thing for sex reassignment surgery is psychological evaluation. Generally, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in plastic surgery first, and consult the psychiatric department for psychological evaluation and follow-up for 1-2 years, so as to exclude patients who are not suitable for surgery, such as transsexuals, homosexuals, etc. Hormones can be used when necessary, and related treatments and plastic surgery can also be used, such as: hair removal, skin treatment, face sculpture… etc., to try to adapt to the life of the opposite sex in advance.

During the direct operation, we met Mr. Kobayashi from Japan. He accompanied another transgender person to Taiwan for the operation; if you don’t say this, no one would recognize him as a transgender person. ,’I thought I should be a boy when I was four years old. When I was six years old, I didn’t want to wear skirts at all. I just liked to wear my brother’s clothes. ’

Later, when his parents discovered something was wrong, they began to force him to wear a skirt and learn Japanese dance. After a year, Kobayashi finally couldn’t bear it and ran away from home. ‘There is always a voice in my mind telling myself not to compromise with the girl’s appearance. Fortunately, his brother and sister supported him very much. In the end, his parents couldn’t control them, so they let him go.

‘Japanese society is very traditional, and the pressure on transgender people is greater than in Taiwan. ‘Fortunately, I met a good supervisor at work and was willing to help him conceal the facts; Kobayashi later met a few transgender people through the Internet, and they would meet regularly, and he also learned from here that Japanese transgender medicine has just started, and it is less common. , And gradually believe that Taiwan’s sex reassignment surgery and information are more advanced.

At the age of twenty-eight, Xiao Lin met a Taiwanese girl who was studying in Japan. The relationship was smooth, but when the girl knew her identity as a girl, she told her, “There is no future if this continues.” After such a blow,’ In order to have a more complete life for myself, I am determined to have an operation! ’

I came to Taiwan to find Fang Ronghuang and Chen Zijin. After a series of operations, they finally got their wish and became the coveted male identity. ‘After the operation, I looked at the extra penis, and the gratitude and satisfaction made me cry! Especially when I was urinating standing up for the first time, I couldn’t help crying, and for a whole week, as long as I went to the toilet, I would laugh involuntarily. Xiaolin laughed as he described it, but I, who was originally a boy, never knew that the extra sex organs could be moved to such a point.

In fact, transgender people who change from female to male should account for 70% of all transgender people. Why are transgender people generally known as male to female? Chen Zijin explained that because male-to-female transgenders dare not expose their identity, and due to various factors, almost all of them go abroad to do it, and their appearance and scars are easy to conceal, and they become more active and active with their confidence in appearance. After the operation, most people want to break with the past and just want to live ordinary lives.

Do transgender people have sex? Chen Zijin explained that the female-to-male transgender person retains the clitoris at the root of the artificial penis during the operation, so in addition to achieving orgasm with caress, the force of the collision during sex can also stimulate the original clitoris and get pleasure. The reconstructed artificial penis can be ‘tailor-made’ and certainly can meet the needs of sexual partners.

I interviewed two transgender people and found that there is actually no need for a partner around the transgender person, and even accompanied him during the entire operation and care. After careful observation, I realized that transgender people have played two genders. In addition to understanding their own objects, they even They are also more attentive and considerate. After gender reassignment surgery, they can return to their normal lives more quickly, without having to receive strange eyes from the outside world!