As you get older, your skin will inevitably become a little loose. When these skin problems occur, you can consider a face lift operation!

7. Tear groove

The eye bag fat above the tear trough falls down, the cheekbone fat below it droops, and the ligament part presents a fixed depression to form a tear trough.

8. Law lines

There are also ligaments at the bottom of the nasolabial fold to connect and fix the skin, and the cheekbone fat above it just accumulates here to form the nasolabial fold.

9. Mandible Weeping Meat (commonly known as mouth meat)

The mandible ligament connects and fixes the outer skin of the chin. The upper cheekbones and cheek fat just accumulate here.

10. Fat sagging of cheekbones

The superficial muscle fascia and ligaments that connect the cheekbones and cheek fat to the bottom are loose, so they tend to sag, resulting in varying degrees of depression below the cheekbones.

11. Double chin and turkey neck

Mainly because the neck fascia is loose, unable to support the weight of fat and skin.

All of the above skin problems can be improved with partial or full face lifts!